Living with an ocular prosthesis

Belgium Ocularists ensures the complete follow-up of the customization of your ocular prosthesis, scleral lens or contact lens.

This follow-up includes appointments, design, creation of your device, fitting, advice and maintenance.  Whatever the problem, we’re here to listen to you, to accompany you throughout the process and we remain at your disposal.

Who are they for?

Have you lost an eye as a result of an accident or illness?  Whatever your age, we’ll accompany you in the creation and fitting of your ocular prosthesis.

Is your eye unaesthetic as a result of an accident, disease or birth defect? We suggest a rigid scleral lens to mask it.

Do you have divergent or convergent strabismus? At Belgium Ocularists, we can create a soft scleral lens that’s unique in Belgium.

Has your iris lost its pigment (loss of color) and would you like your eye to have the same intensity as before? Then go for a hand-painted contact lens.

Fitting a prosthesis

Belgium Ocularists offers ocular prostheses and various lenses. Regarding the lenses, these are worn during the day just like any other contact lens. You insert it in the morning and remove it carefully in the evening, taking care to put it in a special contact lens solution. Not familiar with the process? Don’t panic. We’ll take the time to explain how it should be inserted so that you can do it yourself. We remain at your disposal if you have any questions.

In the case of an ocular prosthesis, our specialists will fit it for you. It can be rather delicate to handle and it’s important that it’s correctly positioned. It remains in place both day and night. Even if you don’t have to remove your ocular prosthesis, we’ll teach you how to put it in and how to take it out.

If you want to rub your eye, do so in the direction of your nose. Rubbing in the opposite direction may cause your ocular prosthesis to pop out or rotate. If this happens, we’re available to guide you on how to put it back in place.

If you have to remove your ocular prosthesis alone, remove it with a suction cup or a cotton swab: pull the lower eyelid down and tilt your ocular prosthesis. To put it back in, engage your ocular prosthesis under the upper eyelid and push it up with your fingers, then pull the lower eyelid.

picto prothèse_HOR

Caring for your prosthesis
Annual maintenance

Over time, the surface of your ocular prosthesis will become slightly rough. This is due to normal secretions from the orbital cavity, dust and external atmospheric influences. This can cause abnormal secretions and in order to avoid irritations, we recommend an annual maintenance and polishing, which we’ll do for you. We’ll remove your ocular prosthesis or rigid scleral lens, disinfect it, polish it, disinfect it again and put it back in the orbital cavity or over your atrophied eye. 

This polishing is covered by your health insurance fund or your insurance. The health insurance fund authorises adults (as of 18 years old) to renew their ocular prosthesis or rigid scleral lens every 6 years. However, should there be any change to your orbital cavity or your atrophied eye, we’ll take the necessary administrative steps as regards your health insurance fund or your insurance company in order to obtain an agreement for the early replacement of your new ocular prosthesis or rigid scleral lens.

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