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How does Belgium Ocularists bring your eyes back to life ?

Each prosthetic eye is unique because each eye is unique.

For the creation of its ocular prostheses, Belgium Ocularists uses a very sophisticated fitting technique, which makes it possible to obtain
a life-like result

Ocular prosthesis

Made of acrylic resin, it requires many hours of meticulous laboratory work.

Reconstruction of the eye socket by the successive determination of the contact areas.

Perfect anatomical reproduction of the eye socket following a silicone impression.

Reproduction of shades, the appearance of the iris structure, the scleral hue and vascularisation carried out using natural and anti-allergenic pigments.

Rigid scleral

This type of lens masks the atrophied part of the blind eye by fitting a rigid cap made individually by hand.

Hand-painted soft scleral lens

Unique in Belgium, this work on flexible lenses makes it possible, among other things, to mask convergent or divergent strabismus with or without dioptric correction from + to -30. The soft scleral lens has a lifespan of one year.

Hand-painted contact lenses

If the iris undergoes depigmentation following a disease, a hand-painted contact lens will restore its full density to your eyes with or without correction from + to -30.

Each iris is individually painted by hand by miniaturists, who work with the patient for a long time to find the exact colour of the iris.

All our Prostheses can undergo an anti-allergic treatment*.
*with payment of supplement

8 good reasons to entrust your eyes to Belgium Ocularists

Benefit from high-quality work based on more than 30 years of experience.


Don’t pay anything. Payment is made directly by your health insurance.


Obtain a 6 year warranty on all ocular prostheses.


Benefit from free consultations, examinations, checks and polishes


Arrange an appointment near you: Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Ghent, Liège, Overijse.


Avail of a service in three languages (French, Dutch or English).


After surgery, receive a temporary prosthesis that looks very like your natural eye thanks to a stock of 1,400 prostheses.


Go for a single coloured lens or a soft scleral lens with or without correction from +30 to –30 dioptres.

Belgium Ocularists offer you such a quality service as well as an irreplaceable personal approach. I can't give enough compliments about my ocular prosthesis! Lionel is always there to help and listen to you.Priceless.


Thank you to Lionel and Mathys for your patience and professionalism.


I had my third prosthesis made at BO and it is always a pleasure to see a finished product identical to my existing eye.


You have always reassured me and thanks to you I am another happy customer with a coloured lens. Thank you, Mr. Sonkes.


When to go to Belgium Ocularists
How to live well with an ocular prosthesis
Wearing the prosthesis

You can wear your prosthesis day and night.

If you want to rub your eyes, do so in the direction of the nose.

Rubbing in the opposite direction (especially the lower eyelid) may cause the prosthesis to come out.

Fitting the prosthesis

Remove the prosthesis using the suction cup or your fingers, starting from below. Put your prosthesis back in using your fingers by pushing upwards first.

Maintenance of the prosthesis

Over time, the surface of the prosthesis will become rough due to normal secretions from the eye socket, dust and external atmospheric influences. Annual maintenance is necessary to avoid irritation or mild pain.

Lifespan of the prosthesis

The lifespan of your prosthesis is six years.
If there is a change in the socket, the prosthesis must be replaced.

A problem? Information?
Don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. We are here for you!

Who are we?

Creator of Belgium Ocularists, Lionel Sonkes discovered the profession of ocularist through his father wearing an ocular prosthesis. Fascinated by the creation of ocular prostheses from a very young age, he studied this subject in Paris. Ocularist since 1989, he teamed up with a young collaborator in 2015 called Mathys Dewulf, a graduate of Paris-Sorbonne University, and passed on his know-how and passion to him.

Together, they make up your team of passionate ocularists.

If necessary, they are happy to arrange home visits to those who cannot travel.

Our practices

We look forward to welcoming you at any of our nine specialised practices throughout Belgium.

Monday to Friday
from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

from 2 to 6 p.m.

by appointment.


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