Our epitheses

At Belgium Ocularists, we take care of your look. Since we wish to help as many patients as possible, we also have a department that's responsible for designing and producing epitheses.

The purpose of an epithesis, or facial prosthesis, is to replace and restore as faithfully as possible a missing or altered part of the face (eyelids, eyebrows, eyes, etc.).  This very specific appliance is intended for patients with facial cancer (melanoma, carcinoma, etc.) or who have suffered major trauma (burns, mutilations, etc.).  Thanks to the collaboration of our laboratory’s specialists with film industry specialists, Belgium Ocularists can customise your silicone facial prosthesis with precision and surprising realism in order to restore the aesthetics of your face.

All our products are guaranteed hypoallergenic and are produced according to the highest technical and hygiene standards.

They are partly supported by your health insurance fund or insurance.

Who are they for?


An epithesis is intended for people who have undergone exenteration (a disfiguring surgical procedure defined as the removal of the entire orbital or facial contents) resulting in the loss of a portion of the face. A facial prosthesis can therefore replace eyelids, eyelashes, eyebrows, eyes or nose.


The creation of our epitheses is the result of the know-how of our ocular prosthetists working in our laboratory and a collaboration with professionals who make prostheses for special effects in the film industry. They’re made of silicone and are entirely custom-made with incredible precision, based on an impression, providing a highly realistic result.


We create and adapt your facial prosthesis as faithfully as possible and accompany you throughout the process.  We’re here to support you for the fitting and maintenance of your epithesis.

An appointment at Belgium Ocularists

Close to reality

Have you undergone exenteration and require a facial prosthesis? At Belgium Ocularists, your epithesis can be custom-made by appointment. Our practices are located in Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia and we can welcome you in three languages: Dutch, French and English. Understanding and listening are paramount to our team.

Making a facial prosthesis is a long process. At the first appointment, we’ll make a mould of the part that needs to be recreated. Then we’ll create your facial prosthesis in our laboratory, paying special attention to every detail that will compose your epithesis: structure and colour of your skin, details of your eyelids, implantation of your lashes and eyebrows, realism of your eye.  

Once the prosthesis has been made, we’ll help you to position it and show you how to maintain it on a daily basis. Our epitheses are guaranteed for two years.

Step 1: make an appointment
Step 2: impression and measurement
Step 3: creation of your epithesis
Step 4: fitting and maintenance tips provided by us
Step 5: regular follow-up

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